Famous Hacker Geohot Has Cooked Up an iOS App – Reactions

“Everyone's getting into iOS app development,” says fellow hacker MuscleNerd

High on the heels of pod2g announcing his awesome DJ-ing app for iPad users, another hacker – famously known for unlocking Apple’s original iPhone – Geohot has announced his very own iOS app called “Reactions.”

We caught wind of this via MuscleNerd, the leader of the iPhone Dev Team – authors of PwnageTool and Redsn0w (jailbreak tools).

“Everyone's getting into iOS app development,” MuscleNerd writes, referring to pod2g’s new app.

“reactions.co is from geohot http://reactions.co (really him, really is a pending app),” adds Musclenerd.

Reactions really doesn’t need an introduction. As George Hotz himself puts it, the app captures you and the object.

A good example (featuring the hacker himself) is the photo above (click to expand). The concept as simple as it is brilliant and some reactions are bound to turn into priceless memes.

If you go to http://reactions.co/ you’ll be greeted by a big blue download button which currently pops up a message saying Reactions has yet to be granted access in the iTunes App Store.

“Reactions is currently pending approval in the iOS App Store. Check back soon. In the mean time, like our page and tweet about us on twitter,” writes Geohot.

We’re doing our bit to spread the word. If you’ve been an iPhone user since day one (2007) chances are you’ve reaped the benefits of Geohot’s unlocks / jailbreaks.

A great way to show Geohot your appreciation would be to Tweet about his up and coming app.

“Previous photo applications only allowed the use of one camera,” says the hacker. “Or even worse, let you choose between cameras. Disgusting.”

“Here at Reactions we don't believe in choice, we believe in both. Why make Obama president? Let Obama and Romney be president. Let's even let Ron Paul be president too,” Geohot jokes.

We’ll let you know when Reactions goes live.

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