Family Photos Confirm Coco’s Backside Is Surgically Enhanced

Ice-T’s wife, Coco, has always insisted that there’s nothing plastic about her insanely curvy body except her breasts, which she had enlarged through implants. A new series of photos would seem to prove otherwise.

As we also informed you a while ago, Coco and Ice-T will soon be seen in their own E! reality series, aptly called “Ice-T Loves Coco.”

The Daily Mail appears to have gotten its hands on a series of family photos that will be shown on the series, and which seem to confirm that she’s not always been this endowed in the backside department as she is now.

“The glamour model was once known merely as Nicole, a tomboy who enjoyed riding quads, playing American football and dancing jazz and tap,” the Mail writes.

“Pictures from the outrageously curvaceous star’s childhood reveal a far more understated brunette who ‘didn’t know why boys liked me’,” says the British tab.

Family photos show Nicole with her sister Kristy Williams, who is also famous for her generous derriere these days – and neither seems to have been so well equipped in their youth.

If true and these photos have not been tampered with in any way, this means that Coco has been lying to the world (and her fans, most importantly) about being 100 percent natural from the waist down.

The question of whether Coco has had implants put in was a hot one for a very long time, especially when it became clear that she would be making a fortune off her backside, which, she claimed, had not been injected with anything.

“We are also introduced to pictures of Nicole as a teenager, again a complete contrast to the curvy blonde incarnation she has evolved into,” the Mail says of what the first episode of the reality show will include.

“Going back almost two decades, it’s clear her infamous rear was not of the epic proportions it is now. We also see Nicole and her sister pictured with their parents, actors who met on the set of US TV series Bonanza,” adds the tab.

“Ice-T Loves Coco” debuts on E! on June 12. Coco is yet to address claims from the Mail that she blew her own cover on her backside implants. See here for the photos.

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