Family-Friendly MMO, Grand Chase Getting Closer

This is the sixth MMO game from AsiaSoft

Ever wondered how the young kids, the "new generation", learn to use the computers and game consoles? And, most of all, how do they start learning to play video games? Well, AsiaSoft had some serious thinking to do and created Grand Chase, a family-friendly MMORPG targeted at the new generation of gamers who are taking their first step towards the world of online entertainment.

"AsiaSoft is very privileged to have different segments of gamers enjoying our games, and we are especially pleased to introduce Grand Chase, our latest offering to young teenagers," said Ivan Seah, Marketing and Communications Director of AsiaSoft Online. "We believe that teens will enjoy the entertainment that Grand Chase has to offer and will find it a simple and delightful introduction to a vast world of online gaming content."

Grand Chase transports players to the Continent of Bermesiah, which has been overthrown into bloodshed and chaos by KazeAaze, the Queen of Darkness. Players are instantly recruited, in order to join the Grand Chase towards freedom and victory as elite heroes. The game also features Player versus Monster battles, Player versus Player deathmatches, quests and mini games. The game's real-time attacks and combo skill executions will stir fans of old school arcade games, while its avatar designs and customizations will thrill anime lovers and young gamers.

Being a family-friendly game, the developers will have Game Masters patrolling the world 24 hours a day, to ensure that cyber predators, hackers and undesirable interactions won't be happening in the peacefull (to be) world.

"While players have strong in-game content to explore and enjoy, AsiaSoft also recognizes the importance of keeping the online environment a fun and safe place for all young gamers to be", Ivan Seah declared.

Grand Chase is now in the Open Beta phase and it is hoped to reach the gold status as soon as possible.

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