Family Finds Live Lizard in Supermarket Salad Bag

The animal was discovered as the father prepared to make sandwiches

Father of two Ian Lock, from Killamarsh, Derbyshire, in the UK, can now say he has seen it all. He is the happy recipient of a six-inch (5.6 cm) long lizard, which he found in his fridge, in the grocery section.

He came across the animal, which was still alive, as he prepared to make a sandwich using salad he bought at a supermarket. The 55-year-old electrician and his wife, a school caterer, never got to take a bite of their salad, as they feared it would literally bite back.

The couple purchased the bag for £1 ($1.5 / €1.25) at a Morrisons supermarket, in a double pack, Daily Mail reports. The first pack was creature-free, and it wasn't until they got to the second that they realized it was moving.

“I shouted for my wife Jane to come and have a look. It was unbelievable. I had taken it out the fridge to make the sandwich and the lizard started moving around when it began to warm up in the kitchen.

“It was lucky that I never opened the packet. I was really shocked at the time and I still can’t quite believe it,” Lock says, describing his reaction.

The lettuce was ironically named “wild” rocket salad, and the label on the package exterior mentioned it was an Italian variety.

The Locks phoned customer service, who thought they were being pranked, and alerted the supermarket about the issue.

They did get a refund for their lettuce, but were quite disappointed about how their complaint was handled.

“They’ve not got back to me since and they haven’t been very impressive to be honest, maybe I should have rung the RSPCA instead. I expected a manager to come over and deal with it, but they just sent two young lads from the shop floor,” the husband says.

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