False Half Life 3 for Linux Information Published Online

An obscure blog and a few other websites have published false information

LinuxCon Europe 2012 and the launch of Steam for Linux have overlapped, and someone decided that it would be a nice way to trick a few Linux fans with a rumor that sounded too good to be true.

A week ago, at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, a Valve representative stated that all the games build by them, using the Source engine, would be supporting Linux.

It’s safe to say the any information about the release of Half Life 3, which is probably the most anticipated game to date, will make a lot of people go nuts, figuratively speaking.

An obscure gaming blog has posted a so-called intervention made by Gabe Newell, at LinuxCon Europe 2012, in which he stated that Half Life 3 would be a Linux exclusive.

With the impending launch of Steam for Linux and given the fact the Gabe Newell, the almighty boss of Valve, is known for his unpredictability, the information was disseminated with a moderate success on the internet.

Gabe Newell is quoted as saying the following: “I would like to state right now that the next Half-Life game will officially be exclusive on Linux platforms. If I didn’t have faith that Linux would take off as a gaming platform, I would not be up here.”

We will not mention the website’s name for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say the delirium continued. Furthermore, a few serious gaming websites also took the information and published it as legit.

One thing is actually true, but it doesn’t come from Gabe Newell. In his false statement he says that a revolution is coming to Linux. The truth is that the Linux revolution is already here.

A lot of people have decided to switch to Linux in the past years, especially after it became a lot easier to install, and the Steam for Linux launch has just confirmed that the open source platform is a complete entertainment solution.

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