Fallout 3 Has 40,000 Lines of Dialog

More than 100 character upgrades

After the announcement that Fallout 3 would feature more than 300 different endings, Bethesda is again dazzling gamers by saying that there are more than 40,000 lines of dialog in the game. The original release in the series, which many still hold to be the definitive role playing experience on PCs, has less than 20 times the amount of dialog lines.

More information on the post apocalyptic role playing game was offered by the developers as they answered questions posted by forum visitors.

It seems that it tackles the hard issues which are usually eschewed by videogames, like slavery, homosexuality, drug addiction, child related violence. The player will not see any mature rated image in the game, but the oldest profession in the world is a theme in some of the quests. The developers are keen to point out that the maturity level of the game is in line with that of the first two Fallout releases.

It also appears that the mutants and other non-humans you encounter will be pretty hostile. Only a minority of them will be in a situation where you can talk to them and even persuade them to join your party or help you in other ways.

The game will only allow you to have one companion, other than your trusted mutt Dog Meat. That character will get weapons, armor and other gadgets, which he can then use in battles and adventures.

Speaking of battles, the game is not built to be played without weapons. You can get through some parts by talking your way out or by using your bare knuckles, but you will need to use weapons at certain points.

Fallout 3 is scheduled for a winter release, even though Bethesda says it does not mention any clear date because of the fact that the game will be released when it's done and not sooner.

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