Fall of the Dinosaurs Domino Video Goes Viral

This amazing domino video serves as a history lesson about the extinction of dinosaurs

YouTube user FlippyCat gives an interactive, visual lesson in paleontology. His Fall of the dinosaurs video went viral with more than 100,000 views in the last few days.

Dinosaurs roamed the planet for more than 100 million years, which makes them one the most persistent creatures in history.

The video recreates the event that led to the extinction of dinosaurs, depicting an asteroid landing on earth and changing climate conditions, wiping out the species. The animals literally fall apart in front of you as you watch the clip, making this an appropriate use of dominoes.

The fact that this story is told using only domino pieces, good music and great editing makes the video even more spectacular.

The making of the clip reportedly took 38.5 hours, spread over two weeks. Other FlippyCat domino videos include the popular Bowling for dominoes and Gangnam Style VS Domino.

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