Fake Windows Defender Is Trying to Steal Your Money

A new fake antivirus is now aimed at Windows users looking for a security tool

Security companies warn that a new fake antivirus is aimed at Windows users looking for a security tool, attempting to convince them to pay to get rid of inexistent malware.

The fake tools mimic the GUI of Windows Defender depending on the Windows version you’re running, be it Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP.

Called FakeRean, the fake antivirus product reaches users’ computers either via browser exploits when loading infected websites or with the help of another piece of malware.

Once it lands on a new computer, it shows infection alerts, prompting users to buy the full version of the software that would allow them to clean the local drives.

It even manages to block the installation of legitimate security tools and to prevent the ones already installed from getting launched.

“These rogue malware extort money from PC owners to “fix” their systems. This malware also blocks users from accessing or executing any .exe file on the victim’s machine,” security company McAfee said.

The easiest way to get rid of the malware is to click on “Manual Activation” and enter the activation code “3425-814615-3990,” McAfee recommends. Please be aware that this tactic does not remove the infection, but it gives you some time to deploy another legitimate security product.

“Keep your systems updated with the latest patches. Insure your antimalware software is updated with the latest DATs. Always run a reputable firewall on your machines. And beware of drive-by downloads when visiting any new websites,” Niranjan Jayanand of McAfee said when trying to recommend users some basic users to stay on the safe side.

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