Fake Windows 8 Key Generators and Activators Found Online

Cybercriminals try to take advantage of the Windows 8 frenzy

Windows 8 is a huge opportunity not only for Microsoft, as the company is trying to “reinvent” the Windows OS, but also for cybercriminals who struggle to make their malicious attempts a bit more effective.

Security company Trend Micro reports that several fake Windows 8 key generators and activators are now available online, all of them supposed to trick people into believing they could actually activate Microsoft’s new operating system without paying for a license.

Two different samples of these apps are apparently infected with ADW_SOLIMBA and JOKE_ARCHSMS, respectively, Trend Micro informs, so consumers should actually stay away from such downloadable tools.

“When executed, ADW_SOLIMBA displays a fake message informing users to click ‘OK’ to download Windows 8 via the web browser. On the other hand, JOKE_ARCHSMS purports as a Windows 8 activator. Similar to ADW_SOLIMBA, JOKE_ARCHSMS also displays images to trick users into thinking that they can activate Windows once they have sent an SMS to a certain number,” the security company explained.

In addition, some of the fake key generators are also launching various websites for click fraud, while others request the users to send a text message to a specific number in order to get their free Windows 8 product key.

Running a full-featured and up-to-date security solution is mandatory these days, but it’s pretty important to avoid downloading such apps or visiting websites that claim to offer free Windows 8 copies.

“The people behind these malware are hoping to ride on Windows 8′s popularity and some users’ eagerness to try out the software. And so far, using new programs, software, or apps as a social engineering lure has been an effective vehicle for attacks,” Trend Micro added.

If you’re looking for more information on Windows 8 pricing, click here. The operating system can be purchased online, via the official Microsoft website.

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