Fake Security Device Shows That Perception Is an Excellent Deterrent to Crime (Video)

Is a fancy laser show enough to prevent a burglary?

Physically securing a company doesn’t necessarily have to be about expensive alarm systems, high resolution cameras and other fancy gadgets. To keep burglars at bay, all you might need is a gadget that tricks them into thinking that you have high-tech security systems.

Global Link Security Solutions are offering a product that doesn’t actually do anything to alert the owners of the attacks, but it displays one hell of a laser show in an attempt to scare potential crooks into thinking that they have no chance of breaking in without triggering the alarm.

According to the security firm, LaserScan has four lines of protection: a number of lasers that move along the walls and floors, an LED which indicates that there’s a “link” to a satellite, a beeping alert, and a sticker placed on the front door.

There is no satellite connection and the beep is, well, just a beep, but it looks so high tech that it might actually have a real chance of stopping burglaries. Those who already use it say it’s a system that works great in combination with classic alarms, which are known not to be an issue for many criminals.

Global Link’s product is based on the principle that “perception can be an excellent deterrent to crime.” So if the potential attacker thinks that there’s a sophisticated system installed, there are less chances that he’ll actually try to break in.

The company claims that none of their current customers has reported break-ins since the $295 (235 EUR) system has been installed.

However, as security guru Bruce Schneier highlights, such security systems would work much better if they weren’t so widely known. If the intruder manages to take a look at the control panel, he will know that it’s the fake alarm that’s been so advertised on TV and YouTube.

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