Fake Powerball Ticket Is Most Shared Photo on Facebook

Epic prank picture gets 2 million shares and 57,000 Likes

The fake winner of the Powerball $587.5 million (€448 million) lottery jackpot does get to brag about having the most shared picture on Facebook ever.

According to 98kool, the perpetrator of this prank is Nolan Daniels, which since then has deactivated his Facebook account. He posted this photo on his wall, claiming he won the prize and that people should share his picture.

A “generous” Daniels even promised to give out $1 million (€763,000) prizes to complete strangers, were they to share it. And they did, proving just how mindless Facebook is making us.

“Looks like I won't be going to work ever!,” he even wrote in the pic's description.

The Photoshop job looks pretty good to me, if you don't count the fact that numbers printed on lottery tickets are always in numerical order.

Since then, the Hill family from Dearborn, Missouri came forward with the winning ticket. Even so, at more than 2 million shares and 57,000 Likes, Daniels's stunt is epic.

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