Fake Office 2013 Activators Offered for Download via YouTube

Cybercriminals are once again trying to get users to malicious websites

Office 2013 was released only a few days ago, but cybercriminals are moving pretty quickly with their attempts to exploit the computers of users looking to get the new productivity suite at no cost.

The story is basically the same as for any new product that hits the market. Just like it happened with Windows 8, some users are searching the web for free ways to activate Office 2013, trying to avoid buying a full license.

Cybercriminals are trying to make the most of this thing with several YouTube videos showing an Office 2013 activator that can “generate unlimited real serial keys to activate the software.”

A fake download link is usually included in the video description, which in most cases leads users to an online survey or to a malicious page.

Of course, those who wish to download the activators are required to go through the survey and answer a few questions before actually getting the download link. The trick is that once you fill in the form, the cybercriminal receives a specific amount of money from the company that published the survey.

A similar technique can be used to deliver Trojan horses and other forms of malware, as users are sometimes recommended to disable their anti-virus protection to allow the activator to launch.

At this point, we’ve found more than five such videos on YouTube, each with several thousands of views. In some cases, the clips have even received comments from users who confirm that the alleged activator works, once again in an attempt to trick viewers into believing that Office 2013 can be used at no cost.

As always, you’re highly recommended to avoid clicking on these videos and on the links included in their descriptions, but also to update the anti-virus software, just in case you end up on some sort of dangerous website.

And keep in mind that, usually, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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