Fake LinkedIn Notifications from Connections Lure Users to Malware, Phishing Sites

Bitdefender experts warn users about the latest spam campaign

Bitdefender warns users about a LinkedIn spam campaign that’s designed to lure victims to malware-serving or phishing websites.

Experts believe that cybercriminals are relying on the fact that after the holiday break, many people are eager to strengthen their professional connections, so they might rush to click on links from notifications informing them about “personal messages.”

The malicious links have been found to point to various websites hosted on US, Russian, Italian or UK domains.

In some cases, victims are taken to phishing sites designed to trick them into handing over their personal details, which the crooks can use for identity theft and other illegal operations.

On the other hand, the links could also point to Trojan-serving sites. In one instance, experts identified the Trojan known as JS BlacoleRef W – an information-stealing threat that’s not easy to remove.

To avoid falling victim to such schemes, I advise you to install an antivirus application, since in most cases, it will warn you that you’re dealing with something malicious.

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