Fake Beyoncé Pictures on Flickr Lead Users to Rogue Media Player

Cybercriminals rely on black hat SEO to make sure internauts access their scammy page

Researchers from GFI Labs have noticed that when searching for adult pictures of famous singer Beyoncé, users are pointed to a Flickr account that’s cleverly set up to trick them into installing a malicious media player.

The Flickr page displays a picture that mimics a video window. When the play button is clicked, victims are taken to a site called Fashion Tube, which we’ve previously seen in a similar scheme that leveraged the reputation of Miley Cyrus.

Here, internauts are presented with an error and urged to install an application called UT Player. The app installs shady toolbars and floods the computer with all sorts of advertisements.

Users should be aware of the fact that cybercriminals often leverage black hat SEO techniques in order to make their malicious websites appear among the first search results brought up by Google.

To protect yourself against such apps, be sure to have an antivirus solution installed on your device.

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