Fact or Fiction – the Double Pupil (Pupula Duplex)

Chinese State Minister Liu Ch'ung supposedly had two pupils

The Pupula duplex is described as a medical oddity that is characterized by having two irises and two pupils in each eyeball. Pupula duplex is Latin for “double pupil”.

The scientific community is adamant about how, as least so far, there are no properly documented cases of people suffering with this condition or at least photographic evidence of children born with two irises / pupils in each eye.

Although the condition is inexistent in medical literature, the myth of Liu Ch'ung, Chinese Minister of State in 995 A.D., suffering from it, remains.

This picture of Liu Ch'ung was featured on Ripley's Believe it or not a while ago, leaving the world stunned. A wax rendition of the man's unusual condition is included in Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax.

Louis Tussaud, the great-grandson of wax artist Marie Tussaud, founded his waxwork museum in 1963. There are currently 5 such museums, all owned by Ripley Entertainment.

Interestingly, word has it that Xiang Yu, military leader during the late Qin Dynasty, as well as Chinese rulers Shun and Duke Wen of Jin, also suffered from the mysterious double pupil condition.

As rare as this condition might be, you'd think that, with over 7 billion people alive in the world today, there would be at least one case of Pupula duplex that the medical community would be aware of.

Hence, it's far more likely that this peculiar affliction is nothing but a myth.

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