Faces of Rock Video Pokes Fun at Guitarists' Expressions

Guitar playing never looked stranger and funnier than in this clip by Wreckroom Records

“Faces of rock” shows off those strange, twisted, funny expressions on famous guitarists' faces, that make us love them as they perform live.

This clip is definitely worth watching all the way through, or at least until you get to “The Intruder.” It's my favorite bit, since this guitar player cliché comes with a very complex facial expression – he is scared, ironical, self-deprecating, and surprised someone is there to listen to him.

As the description makes you wonder “What does your guitar face look like?,” you cannot help but try out a bit of mirror air guitar.

Videomakers at Wreckroom Records also mimic the “Robert De Niro,” the “duck face,” the “fish taco,” the “Kristen Stewart,” the “Overly Attached Guitarist,” the “limbo,” the “Honey Boo Boo,” and the hilarious “hipster who has to pee.”

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