“Facelift Bungee” Takes Years Off Your Face Without Surgery

Kimberly Aschauer hopes women will integrate her device into their daily routine

One woman from Balm Beach, Kimberly Aschauer, desperate that her son’s wedding was coming up and she wouldn’t look her best in family photos, has come with an original, if a bit painful way, of taking years off the face without surgery.

She calls it the “Facelift Bungee” and it’s basically a piece of elastic with two little combs at each end, that pulls the face in the same manner a mini facelift would.

Video of her device at work is below, embedded at the end of this article.

Kimberly believes there is a market for her product because there are millions of women out there who want to look younger, who would benefit from a facelift but who are either not willing or not financially able to undergo surgery.

She is one of them and this is how she came up with the device, as she explains in an interview with 7ABC.

To put it simply, the “Bungee” pulls a woman’s hair until her features are smoothed out. One can only imagine how painful it must be but, according to Kimberly, the ladies are terribly interested in her product.

“I went home and got my makeup mirror, and I just couldn’t stop thinking. I just wished there was a way that I could look like this affordably. Right before my very eyes when I was looking in the mirror, I watched 10 years come off my face,” Kimberly recalls of the day she invented the device.

“Created for all of us who want a fresh look but don't want painful surgery or costly injections, Facelift Bungee is instant, natural, removable, painless and invisible once inserted into hair. We want all women to watch in the mirror as they insert facelift bungee into their hair and be amazed as up to 10 years are lifted off instantly,” the official page of the “Bungee” reads.

One such device sells for $25 (€19.6) but it’s not recommended for those who suffer from the so-called “ponytail headaches.”

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