Facebook's Zuckerberg Is a Big Google Glass Fan, As Sergey Brin Found Out

Zuckerberg can't wait to get a pair and Facebook already has a team to work on apps for it

There's no love lost between Facebook and Google. Especially in the early days, Facebook, or rather Mark Zuckerberg, saw Google as the ultimate enemy and made sure it had as little to do with Google as possible.

That's mostly true these days, while the two companies have to work together on some things, the Facebook Android app for example, there's no real relationship between the two.

Still, that doesn't mean they can't appreciate each other, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and there's certainly plenty of that between Google and Facebook.

Even so, you probably wouldn't expect Facebook's Zuckerberg to be all that excited, at least not publicly, about a Google project.

Except perhaps when that project happens to be Google Glass, the futuristic augmented reality glasses that are slowly becoming a reality.

Zuckerberg recently met Google's Sergey Brin, who's been spearheading the Glass project, during a science award ceremony they both sponsored, along with Russian Billionaire and Facebook investor Yuri Milner.

After the event was over, Zuckerberg was very eager to find out more about the glasses Brin was wearing and get to try them on himself.

Brin doesn't seem to leave the house without his glasses, he's been spotted riding the New York subway with them.

According to Forbes, Zuckerberg was very interested in the device and very eager to get his hands on a pair.

So far, only a few people have ever seen a Google Glass device, let alone used one, and Google hasn't given them to anyone outside the company just yet.

But it has revealed more details about Glass recently, including a sneak peak at the UI, and also encouraged people to tell Google why they want a pair for the chance to be able to buy them.

Zuckerberg revealed that he was not only interested in the device for himself, Facebook already had three engineers on standby to start working on apps for Glass as soon as they could get their hands on one.

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