Facebook’s Slingshot for Android Now Available Worldwide, Free Download

The application was launched last week for Android users in the US

Initially launched for Android users in the United States last week, Facebook’s Slingshot application is now available for everyone who owns a compatible device, regardless of their location.

It only took Facebook about a week to make Slingshot available worldwide and it appears that the company’s decision was mostly based on users’ feedback.

“Since we launched last week, we’ve heard from lots of people around the world who are excited to give Slingshot a try. Starting today, we’re expanding our initial launch and making Slingshot available internationally,” said the developers in a short blog post.

Keep in mind though that the rollout of the application will be made in waves, which means Slingshot might not be available in all countries simultaneously.

There are already many reports coming from Android users who claim that the application is still not available in Canada, Australia, and a few other countries, but we suspect it will go live in these regions by the end of the day as well.

We can confirm that Slingshot is already available for download in some European countries (Norway, Romania), but we’re certain the application has been released in most states in the region.

For those who don’t have any idea of what Slingshot could be, here is a quick recap. Facebook’s new application and service allows you to take pictures and add some funny effects to them, then share them with your friends.

You can also add text on the photos you take with your phone or you can send these pictures without tampering with them in any way. The same goes for videos you capture and send to your friends.

Well, nothing unusual here, but read further to learn why Slingshot is different than other instant messaging apps that offer similar features.

The pictures and videos sent via Facebook’s application are called “slings” and your friends will not be able to see any of them unless they send you back a “sling” of their own.

Your friends can also dismiss all your “slings” with a simple swipe, but they will not be able to open them later. If they dismiss them, they become unavailable forever.

Developers also added the option to comment on any “sling” users receive, but keep in mind that your friends will not be able to see your “slings” if they don’t have Slingshot installed on their devices.

Speaking of which, you can now download Slingshot for Android for free via Google Play Store. The application should be fully compatible with all devices powered by Android 4.1 and up.

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