Facebook for BlackBerry Arrives in Beta Zone

With a wide range of changes, including UX modifications

Owners of BlackBerry devices are now able to download and install a new beta flavor of the Facebook for BlackBerry application, made available for them through the Beta Zone.

The app is, of course, available only for those who have an account on RIM’s beta testing portal, and brings along a nice range of enhancements and features.

Compared to previous flavors of the application, the new release appears to be a hefty update, most probably set to become generally available as a stable product in the not too distant future.

For example, the new Facebook for BlackBerry brings along the ability to opt in/out of the PIN sharing in the setup wizard and screen options, as well as the option to know when Facebook friends are sharing their PINs so as to invite them to BBM.

Users will also be able to invite Facebook BBM connected friends who are sharing their PIN to the BBM contact list (if not already friends), and will be able to initiate BBM conversations with BBM connected Facebook friends as long as they are sharing their PIN and are already BBM contacts.

Other changes in the new BlackBerry app version (available courtesy of CrackBerry) include:

- Icon showing which Facebook friends one can invite to chat on BBM

- Option to be synced with the web so changes on the device/web are reflected on the device/web

- Facebook friends PIN to be updated regularly to ensure that the invitation to chat on BBM is sent to the right PIN

- Ability to invite friends to BBM or chat from the profile screen

- Ability to see photo albums as a grid of photos (grid view thumbnails)

- Ability to efficiently scroll through grid-based photo albums and not worry about network details when opening large albums (pagination)

- Ability to see photos in full screen

- Ability to slide between full-screen photos

- Ability to save photo to device/media card

At the same time, the app comes with UX Changes, including the option to view Navigational Grid, Header, Profile Publisher, Newsfeed publisher and Today with the new UX changes.

Users will also have the ability to unfriend from their friends list and friends profile via GCM, menu, and +, and will see a confirmation dialogue before unfriending so that they could cancel requests if needed.

There are also changes to carrier APN, enabling users to set all traffic (minus chat) to go over carrier APN so that they can use the app in their country on BlackBerry 6.0 and above. They can also choose to get all the chat traffic to go over carrier APN.

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