Facebook Will Now Grab All Your iPhone Pics Automatically, if You Let It

New beta uses a few select customers to test out Photo Sync on iOS

Some thing or another is about to hit the fan as Facebook has flipped the switch on automatic photo syncing from your iPhone’s cameral roll.

Don’t kill that Wi-Fi just yet. Facebook will not suck up your private life until you actually give it permission to do so. Plus, the social network is testing Photo Sync with only a select few customers right now.

Confirmed by Tech Crunch, the feature is primarily aimed at making it easier to share photos with your friends.

However, with all the issues regarding user tracking, it can’t be too hard to imagine a scenario where someone forgets to turn off the faucet to their juicy bedtime flicks.

For those who want to take the plunge (provided that Facebook has chosen you for the beta), visit the Photos tab in Facebook’s navigation bar (or the photos section in Timeline), scroll to the bottom, and you should see an option to enable Photo Sync.

Just be sure you don’t have anything too conspicuous stored in your Photo Stream.

Facebook reportedly says it’s using background uploads to copy your photos to its servers. The company stresses that it isn’t employing location-centric APIs (application programming interface), or its integration with iOS 6, to accomplish the feat.

The feature rivals Google+ Instant Uploads, and even Apple’s own Photo Stream, come to think of it.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is becoming an unstoppable force with over 300 million images uploaded daily, and its highly lucrative acquisition of Instagram, one of the most popular photography services on the iPhone.

The Facebook iOS app, recently updated to version 5.2.1, actually has to do with security. According to the release notes, Facebook 5.2.1 brings “Security and bug fixes.”

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