Facebook Users Warned About “Tagvidz” Phishing Scam

If you have fallen for it, change your password immediately

Over the past few days, cybercriminals have attempted to lure Facebook users to a malicious website in an attempt to trick them into handing over their credentials.

According to Facecrooks, it all starts with the following post: “Youu are in tthis viddeo on facebook, skip to 1.45 omg! ttyp in with-outt spaccess:D www .Tagvidz .com”

Tagvidz.com is not a video sharing website as it might appear. Instead, it’s a phishing website designed to harvest the usernames and passwords of unsuspecting Facebook users.

Tagvidz.com is currently offline and the domain is flagged as being malicious by antivirus solutions. However, the cybercrooks can set up a new domain at any time and re-launch the campaign.

That’s why it’s important for Facebook customers to be on the lookout for such shady posts.

In case you’re a victim of this scam, be sure to change your password immediately. To protect yourself against phishing scams, you can enable two-factor authentication on Facebook.

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