Facebook Users Warned About FB Stalker Phishing Scam

Bogus profile viewer apps continue to make the rounds on Facebook

Malicious apps that claim to allow users to see who has been viewing their Facebook profile have been around for quite some time. Over the past few days, a couple of new schemes have emerged.

The first has been analyzed by experts from Zscaler. A bogus website called FB Stalker claims to show users who has been looking at their profile.

Those who fall for it and visit FBStalker26.com are taken to a phishing site that replicates the legitimate Facebook login page.

Besides email addresses and passwords, the phishing scheme is also designed to harvest security questions and their answers.

The information collected by these cybercriminals looks very much the same as the one leaked by the Afghan Cyber Army as part of OpUSA.

Hackers News Bulletin has investigated a similar scam. A fake profile viewer app tricks users into installing a malicious Flash Player browser extension that allows cybercriminals to hijack Facebook accounts, log keystrokes and monitor user activity.

Be sure to steer clear of such apps and websites. If you’re a victim, change your Facebook password immediately. In case you’ve installed a rogue browser plugin, remove it at once.

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