Facebook Users Should Beware of HCG Diet Spam

The internet is filled with fake HCG diet websites

Another miracle weight loss product is making rounds on Facebook, luring unsuspecting customers into clicking on malicious links that lead to phony websites which advertise fake HCG miracle drugs.

Sophos experts came across this latest spam campaign, but for now it’s uncertain if the fake ads spread by using a piece of malware or with the use of compromised user accounts.

In any case, Facebook members should be on the lookout for any posts, even if they seem to come from friends, that advertise these scams.

If you notice that one of your friends is posting a large number of messages about how he lost weight using the HCG diet, notify them and advise them to remove any suspicious apps or browser extensions they may have installed recently.

Also, tell them to remove all suspicious posts and make sure their security solutions are up-to-day and running.

There are a lot of HCG diet websites on the Internet and unfortunately, some of them advertise fake products commercialized by crooks that want to make a quick buck.

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