Facebook, Twitter Accounts of Ohio Teen Who Joked About Girl’s Abuse Hacked

He was forced to drop out of school after receiving threats

The attorney representing Michael Nodianos, the teen who was filmed joking about how Steubenville High School students abused a 16-year-old girl, has revealed that his client’s email, Facebook and Twitter accounts were hacked after the controversial video was published.

Nodianos has dropped out of the Ohio State University after receiving threats, the Daily Beast reports.

His attorney, Dennis McNamara, explained at a press conference that his client had no involvement in the incident, despite the detailed “description” he made in the video.

Besides Nodianos’ own accounts, hackers also took over the ones of his parents and grandparents. Furthermore, fake Twitter accounts have been set up in his name.

“Michael knows the comments he made in that video were dumb, inappropriate and insensitive. The takeaway from this is Michael is a really good kid from a good family and he really regrets this. But there was no criminal activity by him,” McNamara said, cited by the Herald Star.

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