Facebook Tests Automatic Photo Uploads and Sync on Android

Dropbox and Google+ already allow users to upload Android images automatically

Photo sharing was a huge fad for a while last year, but with Instagram getting bought and everyone else pretty much imploding, things are quieter. Still, that's not to say people are sharing fewer photos, in fact, they should and will be sharing more.

That's because it seems that the latest trend is to stop bothering users with the pesky hassle of actually having to "share" the photos and just upload them automatically.

Dropbox was the first big app to introduce the feature, but at least it made sense, Dropbox is a file storage service.

Having photos from your phone or camera synced to the cloud as seamlessly as possible is useful. Now though, the social networks are getting in on the game.

Google+ was the first to do it: if you enable "Sync Instant Upload," any photo you take with your phone is automatically uploaded to Google+ Photos.

The photos are private and you can decide whether to share them or delete them later. Again, the option is interesting, it removes several steps in getting your photos out of your phone and into the cloud and does it for all photos automatically.

Now Facebook is doing the same. Facebook has long been copying Google+'s photo features, just like Google+ copied pretty much everything else from Facebook, so it's no surprise.

Facebook is now testing automatic photo uploads in the Android app. The feature is only visible to some users, but Facebook always rolls out new features very slowly.

With "Photo Sync" enabled, any photo on your phone is automatically uploaded to your private "Synced from Phone" album in Facebook Photos.

Given that Facebook is already the world's largest photo site, by a margin known only to sites like YouTube, it's safe to say automatic photo uploads will only help solidify its position.

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