Facebook Shuts Down Operations of Albanian Hackers

Albanian Pirate Group offered login credentials and banking details

Facebook is the perfect environment for sharing information and, apparently, cybercriminal collectives are well aware of this. A gang called Albanian Pirate Group set up a Facebook page which it utilized to share passwords and other sensitive information.

Experts from security firm Sophos took immediate action after they were notified that the hackers were selling Windows Remote Desktop Protocol login credentials and banking details.

The company alerted Facebook and the page was shut down within hours.

The page in question was already Liked by over 600 individuals, but the most concerning fact was that the information offered by the criminals was available to anyone.

Sophos’ Graham Cluley highlights the fact that Facebook groups and pages are not pre-vetted and many of them might be used for illegal purposes. That’s why users are advised to report the pages that break the law or breach terms and conditions.

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