Facebook Security Team Helps FBI Disrupt Butterfly Botnet Cybercriminal Ring

A number of 10 individuals from 7 countries have been arrested

US authorities have arrested a number of 10 individuals believed to be involved in an international cybercriminal organization that has made a profit of over $850 million (663 million EUR) after infecting a total of 11 million computers with the Yahos malware.

The criminal ring relied on the Butterfly botnet in order to steal credit card details, bank account data, and other sensitive information.

According to the FBI, the suspects – located in countries such as the US, the UK, Peru, New Zealand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia – are accused of using the Yahos malware to target Facebook users from 2010 and up until October 2012.

Facebook’s security team has cooperated with the FBI on the investigation, helping law enforcement determine the root cause, and identify the perpetrators and the victims.

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