Facebook Scam: Win a Free iPhone 6

Scammers are trying to increase the popularity of a bogus iPhone 6 page

Now that iPhone 5s is not so interesting anymore, scammers and cybercriminals have started launching “win a free iPhone 6” campaigns.

Hoax Slayer has spotted a Facebook scam that promises a free iPhone 6 to anyone willing to share a post.

The goal of the scammers is to promote a bogus iPhone 6 Facebook page. Once the page is liked by a large number of users, it can be sold or utilized for other scams.

Sharing and liking a scam page might not seem such a big deal. However, those who do it are actually contributing to the success of a future scam that will look more legitimate due to the large number of legitimate likes.

It’s uncertain when Apple will launch the iPhone 6. Until the device is officially out, don’t trust any contests that claim you can win one.

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