Facebook Scam: Switch Your Profile to 8 Different Colors

Another variant of the old scam is making the rounds

Facecrooks warns that another “change your Facebook profile color” scam is making the rounds on the social media website.

“WOW! HeIIo PINK Facebook !!! and goodbye blue Facebook! You can now sawitch your facebook C0l0r and themez to 8 different C0l0rs thanks to the fb developer team! Get yours here [link],” the scammy posts read.

Of course, the Facebook developer team doesn’t have anything to do with the scheme.

Users who fall for the trick and click on the link are taken to a Facebook app which asks them to pick one of 5 colors – yes, the number drops from 8 to 5.

After allowing the application access to their profiles, victims are presented with a classic survey scam that urges them to complete various offers to win gift cards and other prizes.

It’s unlikely that Facebook will allow users to change the color of their profiles any time soon, so in case you’re presented with such apps, treat them with maximum suspicion.

If you’re a victim of this scam, immediately revoke the permissions of the malicious app, since it will likely start spreading the bogus posts on your behalf.

To protect your profile against such applications, you can install a dedicated application such as Bitdefender Safego.

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