Facebook Scam: Six Flags Season Tickets Giveaway

Scammers try to trick users into visiting online surveys, liking their Facebook page

Facebook customers should beware of posts that promise Six Flags season tickets. The promotions have nothing to do with the popular theme park. Instead, they’re part of a Facebook “Like” farming scheme.

“Celebrating An Amazing $2.3 Billion in revenue in 2013 we at Six Flags have decided to end your summer vacation off with a bang by giving away 333 Six Flags Season Tickets to YOU our fans!” the bogus posts read.

According to Hoax Slayer, the scammers try to trick targets into liking and sharing their photo. Potential victims are also instructed to visit a survey site that earns the crooks a certain amount of money for each individual they trick into completing bogus offers.

The “likes” can also be monetized by the cybercrooks. Once their Facebook page gets enough “likes”, they can sell it on the underground market to other scammers and cybercriminals who can use it for various purposes.

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