Facebook Scam: Samsung Is Giving Away 5,000 Free Galaxy S 4 Phones

Almost 20,000 users have already liked a bogus Facebook page

Samsung Galaxy S 4 has been launched and it will soon arrive in stores so it’s no wonder cybercriminals and scammers have started leveraging the news.

Earlier today, I came across a Facebook scam claiming that Samsung is giving away 5,000 Galaxy S 4 smartphones to anyone that likes a photo, shares it, and likes a fake Samsung Galaxy S 4 Facebook page.

“We are giving away 5000 Samsung Galaxy S4 to 5000 Lucky Fans for FREE. All that you need to do is complete the easy steps below to participate! (Worldwide),” the scammy posts read.

Unfortunately, close to 20,000 Facebook users have already liked the bogus page.

Remember, Samsung would never hand out 5,000 Galaxy S 4 devices in such a manner. For instance, if the devices would cost around $900 (700 EUR) a piece, the 5,000 Galaxy S 4 phones given away would be worth around $4.5 million (3.5 million EUR).

All this just so that people would like a Facebook page that’s not even the official one? Unlikely.

The point is that you must take a moment to think before playing along. This particular scam might seem harmless, but similar ones that lure users to malware-serving sites will probably surface these days.

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