Facebook Scam: Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Leaks Raunchy Tape as Revenge

Users are tricked into taking part in fake surveys

Another celebrity tape scam is making the rounds on Facebook. This time, the scammers claim that Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend has leaked a raunchy tape to get back at her.

CyberWarZone reports that the links from the scam posts point to a website called ihatenickinow.blogspot.com. Here, users are told to share the post on their timeline in order to be able to watch the video.

Once the post is shared, victims are taken to a fake YouTube website where they’re informed that the “video is set to adult,” and instructed to confirm their age by completing a simple test. The tests are actually survey scams that earn the scammers a certain amount of money each time they’re completed.

I’ve also seen a version of the scam that promises a tape leaked by Rihanna’s boyfriend.

If you come across such posts on your friends’ timelines, tell them to remove them before people fall for the scam.

The names of several celebrities have been used in such scams. Recently, Facebook has even filed a lawsuit against a man suspected of being behind such schemes.

Check out the gallery to see what the Nicki Minaj Facebook scam looks like.


Nicki Minaj tape scam (3 Images)

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