Facebook Scam: Freedom Award Lottery Promotion Agency Company

The crooks ask for money, personal information and even Facebook passwords

Since mid-July, there's a page on Facebook called the “Freedom Award Lottery Promotion Agency Company.” The page is part of a lottery scam that’s designed to trick unsuspecting users into handing over personal information and money.

Hoax Slayer has come across this page and provides a description of how the scam works. Potential victims are contacted on Facebook, in some cases apparently by their friends, and notified that they’ve won the big prize in a lottery.

Those who respond to these messages are presented with another bogus Facebook page that claims to provide proof that the lottery is legitimate. Then, victims are asked to hand over various amounts of money that allegedly represent certain fees.

“You have to pay for Tax fee and the shipping fund, so we can bring the money to your door step.. You pay $380.00 and get $40,000,00.You pay $975.00 and get $90,000,00.You pay $1,350.00 and get $150,000,00.You pay $3,700.00 and get $200,000,00 Your money will get deliver to you in the next 24hours when you make the payment,” the scammers tell victims.

However, the cybercrooks don’t settle with just making some easy money. They also ask victims to provide their Facebook passwords in order to prove that they’re the owners of the “winning” account.

The bogus Facebook page contains various explanations and photos that allegedly feature the lucky winners. The images are taken from other websites and they have nothing to do with this lottery.

Of course, some of the messages don’t make any sense. For instance, this one: “Freedom Award Lottery promotion Agency Company they are a legitimate business. The evidence is mounting that it is indeed a ponzi. Presented here is information gathered from various sources. Feel free to make a comment - but no personal attacks.”

So it’s a legitimate business, but it's also a Ponzi scheme.

If you come across such pages on Facebook, ignore them, especially if they ask for money and personal information. Also, if you want to contribute to making Facebook safer, report them.

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