Facebook Scam: Amazing Video of Unidentified Sea Monster

Scammers trick users into liking certain Facebook pages

A woman falling from a rollercoaster, a man-eating giant snake, and planes crashing into bridges - they have all been used as topics for Facebook scams. The latest scam that’s doing the rounds on the social network promises an amazing video of an unidentified sea monster.

“[AMAZING VIDEO] Unidentified Sea Monster! Watch the [AMAZING VIDEO] Unidentified Sea Monster!” the scam posts read.

Of course, there’s no video, because this is nothing more than a scam. When users click on the link, they’re taken to a fake Facebook site that appears to host the video. However, in order to access the content, victims are told to share the post on their own timeline.

In the next phase, users are told to like a certain page to see the video. Once that’s done, victims are taken to a page that shows a trailer for the movie Twilight. The trailer shows a wolf, but no sea monsters.

If you’re a victim of this scam, remove the sea monster post from your timeline and unlike the page you’ve liked.

Check out the gallery to see what the scam pages and posts look like.


Sea Monster Facebook scam (3 Images)

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