Facebook Scam Alert: We’re Giving Away 3,500 iPhone 5s

The scammers say they've found the devices at their factory

What better way to harvest likes for your Facebook page than to promise thousands of free smartphones? If a couple of days ago we warned users about scams advertising 5,000 free Samsung Galaxy S 4 devices, now we’re seeing a scheme that promises 3,500 iPhone 5 units.

“We found some iPhone 5's at our factory that have open boxes but they are brand new. Instead of selling them we are giving away 3500 iPhone 5 to 3500 Lucky Fans for FREE. All that you need to do is complete the easy steps below to participate! (Worldwide),” the scammy posts read.

Those who want to win are instructed to like the photo, share it, and like a bogus Apple iPhone Facebook page.

Unfortunately, almost 40,000 users have already fallen for the scheme. And to make things even more interesting, the individuals behind the phony Apple page are now advertising iPhone 6 concept devices.

I once again remind everyone not to fall for such tricks. You will never get a free phone. On the other hand, after they harvest a large number of likes, cybercrooks can use such pages for other, even more malicious purposes.

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