Facebook Scam Alert: Alienware M18X Giveaway

Beware of posts that promise free Alienware products

Alienware products are every gamer’s dream. Cybercriminals are fully aware of this, which is probably why they’ve launched a scam campaign that promises users a free Alienware M18x computer.

Victims are asked to Like the malicious post, share it with their friends, and then access the alienwaregiveaway.com or alienwaregiveaway.tumblr.com sites to “enter shipping information.”

In reality, alienwaregiveaway.com has nothing to do with Alienware, but it’s cleverly designed to appear as if it is.

Those who visit the site are asked to choose between two Alienware products.

To make everything more legitimate-looking, the scammers claim that the laptops are actually given away by Nvidia. Furthermore, based on the victim’s location, a message displayed on the bottom of the screen informs them that the giveaway is “open” to their country.

Internauts who fall for it and continue are presented with a classic survey offer. They’re told that they must complete a survey in order to win. Of course, no one ever wins anything.

Currently, there are at least six scam pages that promise free Alienware laptops on Facebook and, judging by the number of Likes and Shares, some of them have already made hundreds of victims.

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