Facebook Says 375 Million Users Play Games, Plans to Make Game Requests More Specific

Facebook is hoping to help everyone enjoy the games on the platform more

Facebook has revealed that about 375 million people play at least one Facebook-connected game once per month. According to the company, Facebook’s website and mobile apps send an average 735 million referrals to games each day.

The numbers are huge and they paint a pretty accurate picture about just how popular the social gaming industry has become and how it has grown over the years.

“Whether they’re playing games on their phone on the bus, on their desktop at work, or on their tablet at night, people want the flexibility to play games seamlessly across all platforms. We ran an internal study in September that looked at how people play games that connect with Facebook, and we found that cross-platform players tend to spend more time and money on games than single-platform players,” Facebook’s Vishu Gupta writes in a blog post.

The company has provided a bunch of new stats that should make game developers want to take their apps cross-platform.

According to its stats, mobile engagement for cross-platform players was 2.4 times that of mobile-only players. Furthermore, Facebook desktop engagement for cross-platform players was 1.5 times that of desktop-only players.

Lastly, people that play games on multiple devices spend more on the titles they enjoy.

This should, at least in theory, urge developers to make their games compatible with all platforms. Facebook is trying to make this easier for everyone and has provided tools such as the SDK for Unity, which makes it simple to integrate Facebook, tools from Parse and more.

“This growing list of resources is making it easier than ever for mobile developers to bring their games to Facebook desktop and vice versa. For example, mobile games built with Unity, like Glu Mobile's Deer Hunter 2014, Zynga's Castleville Legends, and Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2, have all grown their audience and allowed people to play on more devices by expanding to Facebook.com with our SDK,” Gupta wrote.

This is what Facebook's game notifications will look like
This is what Facebook's game notifications will look like
Game requests are soon going to get an upgrade too, Facebook said. Developers will be able to customize the language in order to give people more info about what their friends are asking them to do in a game. For instance, the regular “X send you a request” can be changed into “X asked you for a life,” making these more specific.

In this manner, gamers will have an easier way to know what others want and developers will know which type of requests perform better.


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