Facebook Rolls Out Updated News Feed, One Year After Announcing It

The changes will make both desktop and mobile News Feed look the same

Some of you might remember Facebook promised last year it would bring some cosmetic changes to its News Feed, which never came. Until today when the social network giant finally announced it is rolling out an update for the News Feed.

Facebook addicts who must be online all the time most certainly noticed there are differences between the mobile and desktop versions of News Feed.

Well, the current update is meant to remove these differences, so what you see on your desktop News Feed will look the same on your mobile as well.

According to Facebook, the move is meant to make the application “more consistent and easier to use across platforms,” which is pretty much obvious considering lots of Facebook users are taking advantage of both desktop and mobile versions.

Following last year’s tests, Facebook decided to integrate bigger images into the News Feed layout, but it also made navigation easier. Apparently, these changes were made based on users’ feedback, so they should appeal to most Facebook users.

“People who tested it told us that they liked the bigger photos and images, but found it more difficult to navigate Facebook overall. The updated design has the best of both worlds: it keeps the layout and navigation people liked, but offers bigger images and photos, as well as a new font,” explains Facebook in a blog post.

Keep in mind, though, that the mobile version of News Feedback will remain the same, only the desktop version has been redesigned to offer what users have been asking since last year.

New News Feed (screenshot)
New News Feed (screenshot)

Facebook also confirms that all the changes included in the updates are visual-related and that no new features or other improvements have been made to the News Feed category in Facebook.

Basically, after the update is applied, all images will be slightly larger, but stories and ads will remain the same as in the previous version of News Feed.

The recently announced update will be rolled out in stages over the “coming weeks,” so the changes might not appear in your desktop version of Facebook right away.

Unfortunately, the “coming weeks” timeframe is used by Facebook all too often and in most cased projects already set in motion failed to materialize for everyone.

The company said last year it would roll out the new design in the “coming weeks,” but apparently it took Facebook several months. Hopefully, we won’t get a similar announcement next year.


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