Facebook Recommends Music, Exactly What It Should Be Doing with Its Massive Data Piles

Facebook starts to turn raw data into something relevant to users not just advertisers

It was inevitable perhaps, Facebook has been amassing all this data on you, it was time to do something with it besides sell better ads. The Graph Search is the perfect example of what Facebook could do with all the data it has and it seems that Facebook has big plans for it.

But it goes beyond that, one area where Facebook could actually do a lot more than it already does is music.

Integrating services like Spotify, Deezer and the likes has been great for them, it helped them gain quite a bit of new users, but Facebook wasn't getting much in return, at least not at first.

But any Facebook integration comes with a catch, you get something from Facebook but, very likely, Facebook is getting more from you.

It seems that Facebook has started using all of the data it's been getting from music services for music recommendations, still the biggest problem for all online music services.

Pandora, Spotify and everyone in between have recommendations, but they could be better. Facebook's advantage is that it's getting data from all of these.

Evolver.fm stumbled upon something, a feature Facebook's been testing for a few months, music recommendations. What's interesting that this recommendation wasn't based on direct data, i.e. a like, but on other activity such as similar bands or artists and music listened on Spotify.

This is precisely what Facebook should be doing with its data and what it should be doing more of. Granted, it makes much sense for it to use the data for better ads, financially, but the fact is, all this data Facebook and others are amassing could actually be used to benefit users.

When it comes to music in particular, Facebook may have an advantage over Spotify and specialized services, since it has access to a broader range of data which could actually prove more useful than the mode detailed but focused data Spotify is likely to have.

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