Facebook Privacy Control Padlock Icon Subject of Viral Hoax

Pranksters say that hackers will take over your account

Facebook has recently made some modifications to its privacy controls. With these changes, the company has started rolling out a new padlock icon (upper right corner) to allow users easier access to their privacy settings.

Unfortunately, the padlock has become the subject of a viral hoax.

“Hackers alert. Attention!!!!! If any of you get a padlock on top right hand corner of Facebook home page saying your security is low. Ignore. Do not, do not, do not answer the questions.it is so hackers can access your account. Copy & paste please,” reads the hoax all in uppercase letters.

As Facecrooks notes, the icon can’t be removed, but it doesn’t pose any kind of threat to the safety of your account.

This isn’t the first time when this particular hoax is making the rounds, but now that the padlock icon is really here, it has been revived.

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