Facebook Phishing Alert: Someone Commented Photo of You

Bitdefender experts warn users about a dangerous spam campaign

Are you receiving Facebook notifications which inform you that a complete stranger has commented on your photo? Beware, because it’s likely that you’re dealing with bogus messages designed to lure you to malicious websites.

Bitdefender experts warn users to be on the lookout for suspicious-looking Facebook notifications entitled “[name] commented photo of you.”

Facebook customers who click on the “See comment” button are taken to compromised websites cleverly set up to steal their identities or install malware on their computers.

While the fake emails appear to be genuine at first glance, a closer inspection reveals that they contain numerous errors that would not show up in a legitimate notification.

First of all, recipients are urged to reply to the email to comment on the photo, which is absurd. Secondly, sentences such as “Luke commented photo of you” don’t appear to be written by an English speaker.

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