Facebook Now Hosts Cellufun Mobile Games

Play from your phone or from your desktop PC

Cellufun and Facebook announced the beginning of a collaboration that brings more than 40 mobile games for all the visitors of Facebook's website. More exactly, Cellufun came up with a "Facebook application" hosted on the famous social networking site, which allows users to play games either from a mobile phone or from a desktop PC.

To visit the new Facebook - Cellufun page, head on over to this address. Note that, in order to use Cellufun's new application and play games you need to register (or create a Facebook account if you don't have one).

Representing the first multiplayer mobile gaming experience to appear on Facebook, the Cellufun application brings users a high level of interactivity and allows them to invite friends, see game status details, set high-scores and so on.

"The Cellufun community leverages social networking for its games, so Facebook offers a perfect platform for extending the community outward. We are incredibly excited about reaching a whole new audience via this platform", declared Steve Dacek, COO and Co-Founder of Cellufun, in a press release issued on WebWire.

Cellufun had previously brought its mobile games to AOL's portal and with the presence on Facebook, a portal that attracts millions of visitors everyday, the company will surely make itself known to more users.

Starting with 2006, Cellufun has been providing lots of mobile games, including the award-winning "Call of the Pharaoh", "Space Wars", "Poker", "Blackjack", "Chess", "Why Chicken Why?", "The Mobile Ring", "Ice Fishing" and many more. The New York-based developer will bring at least two new games monthly and this month it's time for "Mobile Farming & Mining" and new titles from the "MobilePets" series to be unveiled. In conclusion, it looks like, from now on, Facebook users will have easy access to mobile games, which is a good thing.

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