Facebook Missing from Apple's iPhone Event, but May Make Announcements on Its Own

The HTML5 mobile app platform as well as the iPad app are still on their way, apparently

Fanboys, and investors, may be disappointed by the missing iPhone 5 from Apple's big event, but you may have noticed something else that was supposed to be there but wasn't, Facebook.

Leading up to Apple's event, there were plenty of rumors about Facebook playing a part in iPhone 5 and iOS 5. There was also talk about the social network unveiling its unannounced HTML5 mobile app platform.

And, of course, the Facebook iPad app was definitely being launched.

Well, none of these things happened, but don't fret just yet, Facebook's plans are still in effect, according to TechCrunch.

There was never any certainty that Facebook was going to be on stage at the event and, it seems, the company was notified just the night before that it wasn't happening.

But Facebook had a contingency plan, since the relationship between the two companies has always been tense, especially after the whole business with Apple's music social network Ping last year.

So now, Facebook will make its announcements on its own, sometime soon.

Obviously, integration with iOS 5 is not coming, Twitter is the social network of choice for Apple.

However, Facebook doesn't need Apple's approval to unveil its HTML5, mobile web app platform, codenamed Spartan. The platform will use the mobile website at its core.

The site will enable Facebook users to install and run apps on their phones from the web as if they were native apps. It remains to be seen how well Facebook has pulled this off.

There's no denying HTML5's strengths, but, to date, there are many things that web apps simply can't do, like accessing hardware components, and this is especially evident on mobile devices.

The other big announcement, the very-long-time-in-the-making iPad app, that Facebook's been, apparently, holding hostage.

That said, others are saying that there are no Facebook announcements coming, at all. Either way, we should be finding out soon.

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