Facebook Messages Gets a Two-Pane View in a Much Needed Revamp

The messages section should make it easier to follow several conversations at a time

There's plenty to do on Facebook, which is probably why more than half a billion people check the site very day. Part of the reason why so many people do is because they've incorporated it into their daily routine. But that doesn't mean they do the same thing on the site.

Some people just play games, some chat with their friends, some check out what their favorite bands are up to, and so on and so forth.

And some just use it as a bit more modern email alternative, to pass along messages, either sharing stuff, or just replying to one another.

Those are the people that are going to enjoy the latest Facebook update, a revamped Messages section which should make it easier to follow several conversations at a time and faster switch between them.

"Today we’re introducing improved features and a new look for Facebook Messages," Facebook announced.

"The new side-by-side layout lets you click your most recent message on the left to see the whole conversation on the right. You can also bring conversations to life with multiple photos and emoticons," it said.

It's not just the layout that's new, though the two-pane view is a huge improvement over the previous design, the messages themselves can be more interesting. You can add several photos to them, for one, and you can also use emoticons.

"Now you can search by a sender’s name or keyword from the main messages view. And for easier navigation, we’ve added keyboard commands. To see the full list of available shortcuts, type Alt Q on a PC or Control Q on a Mac," Facebook explained.

The two-pane view already makes it easier to find conversations and switch between them. But the new search box should make it even faster, especially if you're engaged in several of them at a time.

The search box also works within the messages themselves if you're looking to find a link you got a couple of months back. This being Facebook, the feature is rolling out gradually, so be patient if you're not seeing it yet.

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