Facebook Lottery Spam Requires Cash from Winners

Another fake lottery spams the inboxes of unsuspecting internauts

It looks as Facebook even has a lottery system, earning members, and not only, large amounts of money. Unfortunately, in order to claim the prize, the victim is asked to pay a mere £385 ($613 or 430 EUR).

Graham Cluley spotted the new spam campaign that involves a so-called Facebook lottery and as he points out, the cash is required from the “lucky winner” to save him of a trip to London to claim the prize.

“Congratulations on your winnings as our verification team alerts that your data verification process was successful, and that a call was placed to you earlier for confirmation but to no avail,” reads the first part of the phony letter.

It looks as if you don't have the time to head down to their offices you have the alternative of paying a courier that will deliver the fabulous earnings.

“But note that you are to bear courier charges of this option which attracts the sum of £385 British Pound, only to be paid if you decide to settle for the Facebook Claim Paper Work to be sent to you via our contracted Courier Service.”

It's very strange that a company that hands you large winnings is unable to pay for a courier.

Also, beware not to call the alleged “Facebook Claim Administrator” listed is at the bottom of the message as even though the number seems to belong to a UK mobile phone, it could redirect you anywhere and you can end up calling a premium-rate number that will dry you out.

Think twice before giving in to such a scam. Why would Facebook have such a lottery? Why would you win if you haven't entered?

Once you send them the money, you can be sure you'll never hear from then again and be certain that if you'll call them for further explanations they'll have a magnificent speech ready for “the lucky winner.”

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