Facebook Competes with Google for No. 1 Green Company Title

Facebook is one step ahead, after it announced the opening of two green data centers

Facebook and Google struggle to become no.1 major green company on the IT market. Both enterprises try to come up with the best alternative solution to cope with the present energy crisis.

So far, Facebook is one step ahead, after officials have announced the opening of two green data centers which will showcase the most innovative solutions for the matter of energy preservation.

In order to become competitive while also manifesting concern towards the environment and its own profit margins, Facebook will use ambient air and renewable sources of power in both new headquarters.

Another effective strategy that will most likely help Facebook maintain its leadership in this field of activity would be an open-source project, established with the main objective of improving energy consumption of computer hardware across the board.

Facebook decided to open its first data center outside the US and representatives from the company thought that the best region for this new goal is Lulea, Sweden. They have selected this area taking into consideration its potential for developing effective replacements to traditional forms of energy.

The company tries to improve its earth-friendly conduct by owning one of the cleanest data centers in the world. The enterprise will exploit Sweden’s considerable hydropower resources, while also taking advantage of the fact that low temperatures in Lulea will help them respond to the facility's cooling needs.

This eco-friendly strategy is not entirely new for the company, since Facebook has started increasing its level of awareness regarding the environment when it first powered the Open Compute Project, last April.

The program's main goal was to provide effective measures of energy efficiency in computer hardware. Officials behind this idea established that the project will be responsible for saving 24% of the entire budget while contributing to energy preservation by 38%.

Facebook doesn't want to keep the benefits of going green all to itself. The company has already gathered an impressive list of companies which also try to consolidate their name on the market, as important eco-conscious brands.

Some of the most relevant enterprises which manifested their interest towards becoming earth-friendly along with Facebook are Intel, Dell, ASUS, Mozilla, Netflix, and Goldman Sachs.

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