Facebook Brings User-Requested Features to Paper 1.2 App

Profile editing, trending section, hashtags, copy/paste, change your audience

Paper, the app that makes stories come to life with an emphasis on visuals, has received its biggest update yet in version 1.2, which includes profile editing, photo tags, mentions, hashtags, a trending section, and much more, all because you asked for these new features.

“Thanks for trying Paper 1.2. We’re excited to bring you this update, which includes a bunch of features you’ve asked us for,” says the social networking giant.

Facebook Paper makes editing your profile picture and cover photo easy by tapping to choose new images, with resize and crop tools. Users simply update these elements right within the app (no need to visit the web interface on your computer).

You can see who’s tagged in a photo by tapping the arrow and then choosing View Photo Tags. Users have the ability to zoom in and tilt their device to explore all the tags in a given picture.

Now, when you write a fresh post and type someone’s name inside, you get an option to tag them and let them know what you’re up to. It's easier to let specific people know about what you've said, as mentions in comments work more smoothly now.

An all-new trending section gives users a bird’s eye  view of the most popular topics people are talking about on Paper. Tapping the Trending label at the top of any story in the section will display related stories from other sources.

Like Twitter, Paper now uses hashtags to let you discover related posts containing that term / topic.

Previously it was impossible to zoom in on any photo to view it full screen, but now you can do this, as well as tilt the phone to explore details in the image.

Copying text from one post to your own is now possible by tapping and holding down the text to bring up the appropriate option, and you can now change your audience after you post.

“We always want to help you share your stories with just the right people. Just tap the name of the audience to change between sharing publicly or with just your friends,” says Facebook.

The updated Facebook Pages also improves performance and speed to make stories and photos display faster and without hiccups.

You can download Paper – stories from Facebook for free on any iDevice that is currently running iOS 7.0 or later. The app is localized in English only and weighs in at just over 50MB.

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