Facebook App Gets Big Update on Windows 8.1 – Free Download

A new build of the Modern version of Facebook is up for grabs

The official Windows 8.1 version of the Facebook client has arrived in the store together with the launch of the new Microsoft OS, but since then, the developing team has released several improved builds.

Today, a new major update landed in the store, bringing plenty of new options, as well as performance improvements aimed at both desktop computers/laptops and tablets running Windows 8.1.

The first thing you shall notice after deploying the new version of Facebook for Windows 8.1 is the improved live tile support, with the app now showing information such as friend requests, messages, and new posts right on the Start screen.

At the same time, the new version also allows you to set windows profile pictures when you upload a new image, but also to choose and set your cover and profile photos. This way, the application gives you more customization power over your profile, without the need to leave the Modern UI and loading Facebook’s official website.

Starting with this new build, you are also enabled to add a secondary tile to go directly to messages, with a dedicated option for that added in the app bar in messages view.

In addition, the Facebook Metro client finally gives you the possibility to use your profile picture as your Windows account picture, thus contributing to a more unified experience across the operating system.

Finally, Facebook for Windows 8.1 also includes tools to upload photos to a specific album, but also to download and upload pictures and files from messages.

Just as expected, the application continues to be offered for free on both desktops and tablets, but keep in mind that Windows 8.1 is a must if you want to download and install it, as no Windows 8 support is being offered.

Overall, there’s no doubt that this is a necessary update, so go ahead and download Facebook for Windows 8.1 to enjoy all these great improvements.

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