Fable 3 Glitches Will Be Patched Soon, Lionhead Says

The glitches in Fable III, the most recent iteration in the medieval role playing game franchise, will be fixed soon, according to its developer, Lionhead, which has just posted an announcement on its official blog.

Fable 3 has been launched by Lionhead, and published by Microsoft, and even though a lot of testing has been done, problems have trickled through and quite a few users are already complaining on the Lionhead forums about issues with loading times and save game corruption.

The studio has just released a statement, saying that a patch will be launched soon, and will fix some of the problems already submitted by players.

"Our forums have been on fire since the last week; the posting of reviews, reactions and impressions, other folk are looking for hints and tips... and of course as with any videogame there are some people with technical issues," the developer said on the Fable 3 site.

"That's bound to happen of course with a game the size of Fable, our poor testers worked flat out but if something slips through the nets, then don't panic!."

A special web page has been set up so people can easily submit their own issues with Fable 3, and the studio confirmed that it is monitoring the situation, and that the test, development and community teams meet together regularly to find solutions to the complaints.

"There is no ETA on this, seeing as the process of game development is a slow, long and lonely one, so please bear with us. I hope to be able to update you in the near future."

"If you do experience a corrupt save game and there is no work around, then all I can personally recommend you do is start a new game and apologize for any stress this might cause. We really do feel for you if this happens!"

Fable 3 was just released on the Xbox 360 and will hit the PC in December through the Games For Windows service.

Have you experienced any problems with the game or have your adventures through the mystical land of Albion been problem-free? Share your experiences below.

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